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Haglof Company Group

Haglof Company Group offers a better way to get to know your forest inside and out.

For close to seventy years Haglöf has developed, produced, marketed and sold professional measuring instruments to some of the most demanding customers in the world.

As standards change and control demands increase, measuring data over time often plays an important role in sustainable forest management. The more you know, the less mistakes you make. The less mistakes, the more efficient the work. Improved efficiency cuts the costs. Less costs equals larger gains. With Haglöf instruments, you can improve the efficiency of your organization saving time, money and precious natural resources! These are true values for sustainable forest management.

Haglof Company Group is dedicated to developing measuring systems and instruments for improving forest measurement accuracy and efficiency. Our hardware and software engineers have valuable experience and are a highly motivated, cohesive team that have worked together for many years. High technology forest measurement instrument innovations and decades of equipment manufacturing experience put Haglof Company Group in the lead position amongst its competitors in the field. At Haglof, product innovations and development have always been the result of discussions, contacts and collaboration with professional users and clients from all over the world. Haglof Company Group has been manufacturing professional forestry equipment for over fifty years.

Haglof Company Group has extensive knowledge and experience working with forestry professionals around the globe. Currently we have products being used in over 200 countries and have developed software in over 20 different languages for many large corporations and government agencies. We develop software for field computers and PC's for all types of applications including but not limited to forest inventory, log scaling, harvester calibration, stem profiling, and site classification.

The Haglof Company Group product line originated with manufacturing increment borers and has evolved into the leading technology product line for the forest industry. Our technology product line includes the Digitech Professional Computer Caliper, DME, Vertex Hypsometers, and Mantax DigiTech Caliper. Haglof is also working with Heuristic Solutions on the development of the TCruise family of forest inventory software.

Timber Cruise (TCruise) is a PC MS Windows timber inventory program that can handle small or large scale inventories, and is the core of the product line. The companion program, TCruise for Windows CE data collection software (TCWinCE), allows users of TCruise to rapidly collect field data using a spreadsheet interface on a variety of handheld computers, and import the data into TCruise for processing. Two other programs in the product line Tree Profile Fitter (TProfile), and Tree Volume Equation (TVolume) are designed to give users the ability create new tree profile, and volume equations for inclusion into TCruise. TProfile fits tree stem profile (taper) functions to stem analysis data. The profiles can then be imported into TCruise. TVolume will prepare volume equations from an equation imported from TProfile, or from a volume table obtained from an external source. TProfile, and TVolume extend the applicability of TCruise to virtually any place in the world.

Software Flash

Tree Volume Equation and Table Generator

The program Tree Volume Equation and Table Generator (TVolume) encapsulates all of the 100 plus tree profile equations built into TCruise, into a program that can produce local or standard volume equations or tables for most species in the Southern, and Southeastern US. These equations or tables can imported into other cruise programs, or used to develop programs to cruise speciality products. We are now making a major effort to locate, and include profile functions to cover the Lake, North Eastern, and Western states.

TCruise DP

Timber Cruise System

TCruiseDP for the Digitech Professional caliper is a highly evolved and efficient forest inventory system.  It goes beyond the basic data collection capabilities of traditional field computers providing a precision electronic measurement system.  Wireless communication through both infrared and Bluetooth ports offer the possibility of electronically measuring and capturing all of your critical field measurements, greatly reducing the potential for human error and increasing productivity.  By integrating a Bluetooth GPS receiver and either a Vertex IV or Vertex Laser, you can literally automate all of your data measurement and capture.  You have to correctly identify the tree species, but we can do the rest!

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About Timbercruise.com

Timbercruise.com is a partnership between World Wide Heuristic Solutions and Haglof Company Group to develop software and systems solutions for the forest industry.

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