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Digitech Professional

Market leading computer caliper with the capacity of a handheld computer! Designed to be your complete “tool kit” for forest and timber measuring work. Great computing power, reliable & safe, simple to learn and use, easy accessible & affordable software solutions - in multiple languages and for many different kinds of field work!





  • Programmable
  • Switch between software in the field and be more efficient
  • Communicate wireless with any other Bluetooth® units
  • Save space when walking or storing with foldable jaws
  • Detachable computer terminal gives you two instruments in one
  • Use computer terminal as stand-alone handheld computer 
  • Userfriendly, simple to learn
  • Multilanguage operating system: English, Swedish, Spanish, French or German
  • Non-contact measuring system
  • No mechanical wear
  • Rechargable battery for recharge in car, truck, harvester, the office
  • Low battery consumption: Work more than a week on one single battery charge

Log measuring and harvester calibration are some of the largest Together with the new Digitech Tape this work will be even easier than before. The digital measuring tape is attached to the terminal and lengths are registered with the press of a button.

Digitech Professional offers the optimal solution for acomplete and accurate inventory. Quickly and accurately record specie, diameter, class, quality, height and any other information with the Digitech Professional.Use Gator Eyes laser pointers with your Digitech and measure diameters at a distance.  Process your data in the field, print-out, download to office PC, send data with cellular phone... simply move your office to the forest and make more out of each field day. application areas for the Digitech Professional.


With optional built-in Bluetooth communication it is easy to connect to  instruments such as GPS, Bar Code Scanners, Printers. Increase the value of your equipment by using them together in a wireless communication network. Work with Estimate Pro program and navigate, calculate areas and store coordinates straight in your caliper
The Digitech Professional can send data through Bluetooth® to a field printer (see image for example of printer). This work mode enables you to print out lists of marked trees, log tally or other data, on site, in the forest and for your immediate examination. Contact us for more details on how your different work tools can be tied together and communicate, allowing you to perform an even more effective field operation! ap1300

The handheld terminal can be used as a stand-alone field computer, great if you are for example scanning barcodes from logs or estimating the basal area with the factor gauge function. Read more on the NILS project handheld solution here.

The jaws are foldable and will not be in the way when walking or storing the caliper. The caliper requires no calibration, the measuring scale can be exchanged and is available in several different lengths and graduation options. All hardware is sealed and rugged for every day use in hard working conditions.

New accessory for the Digitech Professional caliper

Perfect for log scaling and when your work includes large area inventories! The new factory assembled Radio Enterbutton makes the work less tiring and easier to perform, also in narrow spaces and log piles! Order your next Digitehc Professional with the Radio Enter Button factory assembled or contact us for details on upgrading your Digitech Professional with the Enter Button. The button can be factory assembled on most Digitech Professional models. Read more here


The New Digitech Professional Gator Eyes caliper has a built-in height measuring function


The function is software moderated and built-in, in our Gator Eyes equipped computer calipers with manufacturing year 2012. Do you wish to upgrade your software and  Digitech Professional to a Gator Eyes Clinometer caliper?

Read more here


Digitech Professional Software



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